Top 10 Career-Limiting Moves

#1 – Coming in late

Getting caught in traffic and making it into the office a few minutes late won’t doom your career. However, falling into the habit of showing up late will get noticed. This especially applies for meetings. Be on time and be prepared or you will stand out in a negative way.

#2 – Constant complaining

Life is all about overcoming challenges. You’re not the only person facing obstacles. Do you work to the best of your ability and keep any negativity out of the office.

#3 – Too many drinks at office social functions

This one seems obvious but is often overlooked. Whether it’s a company picnic or informal happy hour keep your behavior in check. Realize that you’re surrounded by co-workers and need to project professionalism.

#4 – Taking vacation to avoid work

Vacation days or PTO are part of your compensation and you’re entitled to them. You should use them as you see fit. All of that being said, taking your days or weeks off during the busy season is going to get you some negative attention. Be aware of the ebbs and flows going on in your office. Don’t take your vacation when things are hectic and leave your co-workers having to cover for you.

#5 – Never volunteering for extra work

Teamwork is the name of the game in most offices. Oftentimes co-workers will need a hand or your team has a deadline to meet. These instances often require an extra investment of time and effort. Do you pitch in when your team needs you?

#6 – Ink

This one is likely to be controversial as tattoos are very popular with younger age groups. If you like tattoos feel free to get as many as you like. Just realize that your manager may not like them as much as you do.

#7 – Dressing like a slob

This one is common sense and quite easy to avoid. Follow the simple rule of dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. This extends into grooming habits as well. Keep your appearance sharp and neat and you’ll have no problems.

#8 – All talk, no results

Offices run on teamwork, accountability, and performance. There are few things more annoying than a co-worker who talks a big game but can’t deliver. Focus on your performance and stay humble.

#9 – Interoffice romance

Office romances can be risky. When they work it’s great. However, they often don’t work out and can create significant office drama. Proceed with extreme caution.

#10 – Bad mouthing others

Businesses run most efficiently when workplaces are places of harmony. Gossip, trash talk, and cliques can destroy workplaces. Keep your opinions about others to a minimum and be friendly to everyone.

What career-limiting moves have you witnessed?


How to Handle Politics in the Office

Office Politics

Playing politics at the office is a great way to get a promotion… or a pink slip. It depends on how well you play the game. Today we’re not focusing on playing office politics, we’re focusing on politics in the office. 

Don’t do it! Really, for the sake of your career and office harmony, stay away from political discussions.

Politics is going to come up in your office. You spend a significant portion of your life with your co-workers and it’s only natural that people want to share and hear opinions. However, politics just doesn’t make for great office conversation. It tends to be a divisive and emotional issue.

From a career advancement perspective, you run the risk of alienating the supervisor who decides if you get that big promotion next year. To quote Michael Jordan: “Republicans buy sneakers, too”.

 So, what’s the best way to handle politics in the office? Avoid the discussion!

 If you absolutely must discuss it, please, adhere to these best practices.

  • Focus on your common ground
  • Understand the consequences
  • Be open-minded and curious
  • Respect and recognize everyone’s right to their opinion

By respecting your co-workers’ opinions and avoiding potentially heated discussions,  you will make the most of your right to vote and to work in a civil office environment. 


8 Signs That You Work in a Dysfunctional Office

Do You Work in a Dysfunctional Office?

Promotional products offices are crazy places. They have a unique dynamic that drives the culture, mood, and productivity of the sales reps and assistants who call the office home.  The tone of the office is set by the onsite sales manager, office manager, or regional executive who is responsible for providing a productive home for all employees. Unfortunately, negative intra-office dynamics can develop that detract from the productivity and camaraderie of the office.

In other words, sometimes offices suck.

Do you work in a dysfunctional office? Here are the eight warning signs:

Whispering and gossip between employees

Closed office doors

Lack of support from your manager

Staff who say, “That’s not my job.”

Ideas and creativity are not being shared between sales reps

Flare-ups of overwrought emotions, including anger, tears, frustration, and neglect

Shared office chores aren’t completed because some feel put upon

There is no sense of common mission or team spirit

You need to be aware of these signs of dysfunction and meet with company management to address your concerns. Ultimately the mission is to serve your clients.  If your office isn’t supporting your efforts, you owe it to yourself, your company, and your clients to create positive change.