How to Handle Politics in the Office

Playing politics at the office is a great way to get a promotion… or a pink slip. It depends on how well you play the game. Today we’re not focusing on playing office politics, we’re focusing on politics in the office. 

Don’t do it! Really, for the sake of your career and office harmony, stay away from political discussions.

Politics is going to come up in your office. You spend a significant portion of your life with your co-workers and it’s only natural that people want to share and hear opinions. However, politics just doesn’t make for great office conversation. It tends to be a divisive and emotional issue.

From a career advancement perspective, you run the risk of alienating the supervisor who decides if you get that big promotion next year. To quote Michael Jordan: “Republicans buy sneakers, too”.

 So, what’s the best way to handle politics in the office? Avoid the discussion!

 If you absolutely must discuss it, please, adhere to these best practices.

  • Focus on your common ground
  • Understand the consequences
  • Be open-minded and curious
  • Respect and recognize everyone’s right to their opinion

By respecting your co-workers’ opinions and avoiding potentially heated discussions,  you will make the most of your right to vote and to work in a civil office environment. 


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