Do You Work in a Dysfunctional Office?

Promotional products offices are crazy places. They have a unique dynamic that drives the culture, mood, and productivity of the sales reps and assistants who call the office home.  The tone of the office is set by the onsite sales manager, office manager, or regional executive who is responsible for providing a productive home for all employees. Unfortunately, negative intra-office dynamics can develop that detract from the productivity and camaraderie of the office.

In other words, sometimes offices suck.

Do you work in a dysfunctional office? Here are the eight warning signs:

Whispering and gossip between employees

Closed office doors

Lack of support from your manager

Staff who say, “That’s not my job.”

Ideas and creativity are not being shared between sales reps

Flare-ups of overwrought emotions, including anger, tears, frustration, and neglect

Shared office chores aren’t completed because some feel put upon

There is no sense of common mission or team spirit

You need to be aware of these signs of dysfunction and meet with company management to address your concerns. Ultimately the mission is to serve your clients.  If your office isn’t supporting your efforts, you owe it to yourself, your company, and your clients to create positive change.


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