The 3 Questions That Determine Cultural Fit

Clothier, Knot Standard, realized early in their development that finding talented employees who fit their culture would make the difference between success or failure. The stakes were high. Finding people who fit the culture was the only thing that mattered for them.

This focus on fit lead to the realization that three simple questions could tell them more about a candidate’s culture fit than anything else.

What do you do better than anyone else you know?

Hiring managers want to know what candidates are the best at. What areas are you exceptional in? An honest and direct answer shows strong confidence.

What are you poor at? What do you try to avoid whenever possible?

This question is highly related to the first. Managers already know what you excel at, but what are you bad at? Most positions are best suited for specialists. Knowing both what you’re great at and poor at gives the managers all the information they need to build a role around the candidate’s abilities.

Why would you choose our company over another?

What drew you to our company in the first place? Do you have a passion for what we do? Can you identify with our corporate mission? This question is an indicator of a candidate’s long-term passion for and investment in the goals of the company.

These three questions will give you an excellent overview of the potential culture fit of any given candidate. Never skip these questions because culture fit is the best indicator of employee performance and longevity.

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