How to Make Internships Work for the Promo Industry

Our industry, like many others, has a rapidly aging workforce. In many ways, this is a wonderful thing. There are thousands of promotional products industry professionals with decades of industry knowledge, connections, and expertise. This experience and expertise has greatly improved the service that we can provide to both customers and end-users. Experience is invaluable, but all industries require new talent in order to survive.

Where do you find the new, young talent your organization needs?


Engage with the career center of your local college or university. Most institutions will welcome you with open arms.


While onboarding your new intern, establish a schedule of activities to include a company overview, short-term and long-term projects, and a rotation through sales, sales support, marketing, and operations departments.


Special focus should be given to the intern’s major and how education translates to real-world applications.


Unlike a permanent hire, with internships, you must begin with the end in mind. Plan the beginning, middle, and end of the intern’s workload.


Assign an experienced mentor to monitor your intern’s daily activities.


Assign an executive to provide training input and broaden the intern’s view of the business and industry.


Pay your interns and expect them to provide a return on your investment. You will be amazed at what they can accomplish!


Stay in touch with past interns and keep them engaged in your business if you wish to bring them on as permanent employees.

Establishing a successful internship program is a very attainable goal. However, it does require commitment and investment. Focus on making the experience a win-win for both your organization and the intern and you have the opportunity to bring some strong new talent into your business!

Are you looking to add young, energetic promotional products professionals to your team?

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