6 Traits of Highly Profitable Distributors

Throughout the promotional products industry, there are highly profitable distributors that are rock-solid year after year.  These companies consistently buck downward economic trends and outperform other firms.

What secrets drive these outstanding performers?  Actually, there’s no secret at all. Let us break it down.

Ownership Matters

  • Many profitable distributors are owned by successful former sales reps.  
  • A focus on sales drives the organization and creates an environment of success.
  • The owner’s promo sales success gives him or her instant credibility with the sales team.

Value of Customer Service

  • Management and sales efforts must be focused on providing outstanding customer service and value.

Out in The Field

  • Owners and management look for every opportunity to assist the sales team by providing leads, making joint sales calls, and closing deals for the benefit of the sales team.

Not Afraid to Make Money

  • Top companies thrive on making margin when a great value benefits their clients and sales reps alike.


  • They don’t keep secrets from their team.
  • Too many owners blow years of credibility trying to grab a small piece of extra revenue.

Clients Come First

  • The focus of every department is supporting the work of the sales team and over-delivering for clients.

Is your business highly profitable? If not, what are you going to do in the short, medium, and long term to change that?