Secrets of Promo Sales Superstars

Sales SuperstarThroughout my career, I have worked with many Sales Superstars.  From my observations, they have all shared some unique habits that made them Superstars.

  1. Sales Superstars view “No” as a temporary condition to be worked around or solved. “No” isn’t a stopping point or ending; it is a bump in the road to “Yes”!
  2. Superstars are client focused and work as the client’s advocate for pricing, terms, delivery charges and QC. They work as an extension of the client’s team to achieve a common goal. If they help the client achieve their goal, the Superstar wins.
  3. Follow-up habits fill the Superstar’s day. They spend their time servicing the sale and the client to be sure every order is done right and delivered on time. They check and check again to get everything right.
  4. Superstars are driven to maintain a higher lifestyle comfort zone than most sales reps. They like nice homes, great trips and expensive cars. Since money allows them to maintain this comfort zone, they are money focused.  Always remember that it’s a lifestyle the Superstar wants, not a dollar amount.
  5. Ok, I will say it… Sales Superstars can be a little quirky and their success gives them the right to be quirky! I will take a small team of quirky Superstars over a large team of average producers anytime. They are more driven to achieve.

If you have a Sales Superstar on your team, consider yourself lucky!  Give them the tools they need for success and watch them go.  A Sales Superstar in their stride is a thing of beauty!