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Accomplished leader with experience in account management, procurement and global supply chain integration. Diverse industry exposure, focusing on new program development, purchasing and planning, lean operations, strategic sourcing and logistics. Proven results in developing cost-saving programs, process improvements and securing brand advancement.




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Merchandise Buyer

HELM   Plymouth, MI                                                                                                                                             2022-2024

§   Merchandise Buyer for the Stellantis Account, with a focus on Dodge and Mopar as key brands.

(Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Mopar, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and Fiat)

§   Responsible for core and seasonal collections for programs that generated in excess of $20 million in sales annually.

§   Led vendor negotiations to procure under the best terms for cost, freight, payment, co-op advertising and allowances.

§   80/20 methodology, market trends, innovation and identification of gaps in the business were used as drivers for identification of go-forward product, limited time programs that created revenue while driving excitement, new collections and seasonal merchandise to maximize sales and sell-thru on dealer and retail faces.

§   Developed and presented product line reviews for the sales team, the clients and the brands pre-approval/launch.

§   Communicated daily with the sales, marketing and creative teams to ensure the proper voice of the client/brand was identified.

§   Worked with the planning team to identify future buy targets as well as slow moving items that were markdown candidates.

§   Sold thru $2 million+ in aged inventory using a mix of creative marketing and markdown strategies in 2023.

§   Multiple CRM tools including NetSuite, Magento, Jira, and QuickBase used for program set-up, BI and supply chain management.


Demand Planner

HOMEDICS   Commerce Township, MI                                                                                                                  2021-2022

§   Developed item and DC level forecasts for Canadian, International and 2nd tier domestic customer accounts.

§   Managed in excess of $15 million in demand planning forecasts.

§   Facilitated mid-month reviews with major customer accounts, establishing relationships with sales, analysts and finance team for each account both internal and external to FKA Brands.  Principal accounts included Menards, Best Buy, CVS and Target.

§   Participated in Sales & Operations Planning process to reinforce a strategic buy plan that aligned with the corporate plan.

§   Attended weekly category review meetings to support product development and marketing.

§   Worked with JD Edwards and internal ERP system to optimize forecasting, inventory management, POS collaborative planning.


Buyer, Bridal and Fine Jewelry

TAPPER’S FINE JEWELRY   West Bloomfield, MI                                                                                                    2012-2015/2019–2020

§   Responsible for $50 million+ in merchandise moving through the pipeline.

§   Established programs by category, managed special orders and stock balancing for three retail locations and website.

§   Analyzed inventory turns, ROI, item classification, dynamic trending and market daily.

§   17% sales increase in bridal categories during time of service.

§   Prepared budget and communicated daily with finance, operations, shareholders and sales to stay on target.

§   Cultivated strategic alliances with vendors to streamline the flow of merchandise, identifying each store’s optimal product mix.

§   Eliminated $500,000 of slow-moving inventory, shifted commitments from asset to consigned for relevant categories.

§   Led visual merchandising strategy and execution for in-store, catalog, on-line and featured product.

▪        Intermediary between production/planning, account management, finance, and customer service to identify areas of opportunity for value, price, service and delivery.  Managed master data and enhancements in SAP.



Supply Chain Lead, Trading Goods

DSM ENGINEERING PLASTICS   Troy, MI                                                                                                                2017–2018

▪        Aligned regional customer demand forecasts with intercompany supply planning requirements to ensure material was manufactured and delivered to North America within a global structure. 30% of total global sales.  $20 Million+.

▪        Tracked material from Europe & Asia to North America.  Forecasted and for trials.  480 planned, 2,000+ total materials.

▪        Verified and maintained the budget for each product line on a regional level.  Tied to global objectives.

▪        Identified opportunities to eliminate distressed, obsolete, and slow-moving inventory. $1.1 Million eliminated in Q3/Q4.

▪        Intermediary between production/planning, account management, finance, and customer service to identify areas of opportunity for value, price, service and delivery.  Managed master data and enhancements in SAP.


Corporate Purchasing Manager

THE BOTTLE CREW   Farmington Hills, MI                                                                                                           2015–2016

§   Developed forecasts and scheduled production plans for retail and packaging customers, unique to each client portfolio

(3-24 month periods).  Over 60 million finished goods delivered to store shelves annually.

▪        Oversaw freight for merchandise moving worldwide, managing a transportation budget in excess of $2 million for the year (inclusive of ocean, intermodal, FTL, LTL).  Negotiated contracts and coordinated carriers in-house.

▪        Directly responsible for purchasing components and building finished goods that delivered to retail stores, generating above $50 million in retail sales annually.  Coordinated all production, print, and packaging.

▪        Saved $200,000 in initial 6 months by evaluating existing project specifications and revising procedures.

▪        Dealt daily with 5 distribution centers, 20 production facilities, carriers & suppliers navigating product to 10,000+ stores.



Account Executive

JACMEL JEWELRY, INC     New York, NY                                                                                                                 2005–2012

▪        Directly responsible for design support, sales, program development and distribution of product, managing in excess

of $40 million for Sears Holdings retail accounts.  $30 million increase resulted as the Account Executive.

▪        Established forecasts for production specific to basic replenished, seasonal and ad merchandise for 2,200 retail stores.

Focused on targeted deliveries, maximizing distribution and sell-thru prior to the end of the product life cycle.

▪        Developed retail-exclusive licensed merchandise programs, with unique packaging & promotions (Disney, Nick, Suri Gem)

▪        Built and strengthened supply base and bottom-line margin through development and implementation of more effective and cost-efficient sourcing strategies, scorecard metrics, and kanban performance profiles.


Senior Inventory Analyst

KMART CORPORATION   Troy, MI                                                                                                                       2003–2005

§   Allocated and replenished basic and advertised product in 1484 stores for Fine Jewelry, Precious Stones, and Silver.

Total Volume in excess of $350 Million.  Focused on customer experience, service, and building repeat customers.





The Eli Broad College of Business

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University   East Lansing, MI

Graduated in 2001




Michigan State University Alumni Association

APICS Association, Educational Society for Resource Mgt – CPIM Certified in Production & Inv Management, MRP/ERP courses



Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Access, Adobe, Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, Inforem, QuickBase, ASC, QuickBooks, Canva, Jira, Google.


Strong organizational and project management skills; Adept in problem solving, group-oriented tasks and decision-making; Meticulous in work habits with attention to detail; Decisive team leader; Outdoor adventurer.





Eli Broad College of Business, BA in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University

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