6 Traits of Top Performing Sales Reps

We all know a few sales reps who are able to grow their business year after year despite any obstacle. They bring in big clients and profitable programs with ease. What leads to their consistently strong performance? All that separates them are these six traits.

Customer Service

Top performers are intensely focused on customer service.  Service is not a trendy catchphrase for this group, it is a way of life. Their extreme dedication to service creates passive referrals from their clients and sets the tone for proactive referral requests.

Order Size

Peak performers’ average order size is often two to three times the industry standard. No, they don’t load clients up with products.  They do look for great values which allow clients to consolidate purchases for multiple locations.

Margin Matters

This group is not afraid to make a great margin as a result of strong client relationships, providing value in every purchase, and intense customer focus. Often top performers exceed industry average margins by 3-5%

Quality Counts

Peak performers don’t cut corners!  They don’t substitute inferior products to make more money. They follow every step needed to deliver quality merchandise from perfect graphics, to precise virtual and production proofs, to on-time delivery.

They Are Problem Solvers

Top promo reps never assign blame.  First, if problems arise, they retrieve the defective merchandise from the client as quickly as possible. Second, they move to supply the right product.  Only later do they sort out the details of what missteps were taken that led to the issue in the first place.

Work Smart

Peak performers are an elite group in the promo industry because they work harder to satisfy clients than the rest of the pack.  The result is customer loyalty, referrals, larger orders, and higher margins than their peers.

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