7 Tips For Making Your Job Change A Breeze

For many people changing jobs can be a nightmare.

Workdays that were once filled with confidence and routine, became full of anxiety and questions. Am I the low person on the totem pole? What was my password for this CRM program I have no idea how to use? What’s that guy’s name again? How does this stupid coffee machine work?!?!?!

If you’re going to take one thing away from this post make it this: A job (or even a career!) change is nothing to be nervous about.

Use these seven tips to hit the ground running at your new job!

Act like you are still being interviewed. Don’t get too comfortable too early. You are still being evaluated. You need to continue to impress and prove yourself.

Get to know some of the team before your start date. Happy hours and company events are great for this. Spending time with soon-to-be co-workers outside of the office is less formal and you can get up to date on current projects. It’s also a great way to get some insight into the company culture.

Take notes. This one seems really obvious, but lots of people ignore it. During your onboarding, you’ll be hit with a ton of new information. Some of this will be fluff, but we advise taking notes on everything so you don’t miss the useful parts.

Volunteer for everything that you can. Community Service Committee? You need to be on it. Party Planning Committee? Yes, please. Get involved early and often. This shows that you’re in it for the long haul and increases your exposure to your co-workers, your bosses, and their bosses.

Be proactive! Don’t wait to be given an assignment or told what to do. No employer wants a drone for an employee. Stay 30 minutes late each day to work on a project that you came up with. The project may not get off the ground, but your boss will love the effort.

Be yourself. You’ve got the job already! It’s not time to slack off, but don’t act like a perfect employee robot either. Enjoy your work and have fun getting to know your co-workers.

Work your butt off!