10 Tips That Will Get Your Client Presentations In Great Shape

Big orders, career-changing orders, usually require some sort of face-to-face meeting. With so much at stake, an email will simply not do. Presentations are the way to go if you absolutely, positively must win a big order. However, standing in front of a professional audience can be intimidating. Follow these ten simple tips and you’ll greatly improve your presentation skills and your chances of winning that big order!

Preparation matters! Know your material, know your audience, and be prepared to address any questions or objections that might come up.

Dress to impress! If you don’t look like an expert, you’re already in the hole.

Don’t rely on live demos. If you’re presenting an online store, always use screenshots. The number one warning with technology is that it will always fail at the worst possible time.

Don’t rely on call-in participants. If you can’t be in the room for the presentation then butt out. Bad reception, missed calls, calling at the wrong time and loud background noise are just a few of the problems you can create when you call in.

Avoid text-filled slides. Images can capture the imagination. Use them liberally.

If PowerPoint is your game, keep it under 20 slides.

Be repetitive! Tell them. Tell them what you told them. Then summarize what you told them.

Keep your audience focused on you. You and what you are saying are the only things that matter. Handouts are a big distraction and can wait until later.

Interject your personality. Robots can regurgitate information. Be a human and make a genuine connection with your audience.

Know who the real decision-maker is and find a way to connect with him or her.

What other tips have contributed to your success in client presentations?

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