PromoPlacement Goes Back To Grad School

Despite having a few MBAs already on the PromoPlacement team, we’re heading back to school and we couldn’t be happier!

About a month ago, a unique letter arrived at our office. It was from the John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University.

Hmm… What could it be? We decided that the most likely explanation was that our founder was missing some credits and needed to return his diploma.

Thankfully, the letter was a bit more positive than that. It was an invitation to apply for participation in the MBA Consulting Program at the Cook School of Business. It was a huge opportunity!

The Cook School of Business is the oldest business school west of the Mississippi River and 15th oldest in the United States. It has a long reputation for producing top-level business talent. C-suites throughout St. Louis and the Midwest of full of SLU MBAs.

We knew that we badly wanted to partner with the SLU MBA program. We worked through a few drafts of our application, sent it in, and crossed our fingers.

Hooray! Hooray! We found out late last week that we were approved. We start our partnership with the MBA candidates during the fall semester.

We’re fortunate to have this opportunity and look forward to seeing what our partnership yields!