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Our Resume Board allows us to aggregate active job seekers in the promotional products industry and bring them directly to you. It’s your one-stop-shop for adding some of the best and most experienced talent in the promotional products industry to your team.

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Simply browse the Resume Board for experienced industry professionals who could be a fit for current or future opportunities within your organization.

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Our Resume Board showcases the best and brightest talent available in the promotional products industry. Finally, motivated, talented, and experienced industry professionals are all in one place! By utilizing this platform during the initial stage of your candidate search you can save on the significant time and effort that goes into finding the right talent for your team.

PromoGigs Resume Board

Jared Allred

Michael Beach

Elayne Bell

Mark Bernstein

Amara Boyagian

Christian Brandt

Jennifer Caprio

Jamie Catanichi

Laura Chanin

Pamela Clement

Stephanie Cobb

Kevin Coffman

Christine Cosner

Jacqueline Crowell

Robert Derrig

Les Dorfman

Melissa Dreyer

Chris Erickson

Joanne Haupt

Cheryl Ann Hills

Shari Hoffman

Jennifer Houle

Sean Kurtzman

Dean Linderman

Nick Lombardi

Roberta Martino

Kaitlyn Mayer

Walt McClelland

Ryan Meulemans

Kathy Miller

Lisa Mummert

Todd Nimmer

Jason Nugent

Dennis Oglesby

Jennifer Ott

Jay Paparone

Christine Perasso

Dell Pinkston

Jeff Potter

Katie Reese

Nancy Reuscher

Hope Robinson

Crystal Carman Rodriguez

Julie Russell

Kimberly Salomon

Heidi Selleck

Kevin Sephton

Robert Steffek

Briana Thomas

Tessa Trumble

Susan Tucker

Kale Wallner

Tami Wainscott

Judy Watson

Doug Weigman

Steve Welsh

Tricia Woods

Julie Zavala