PromoPlacement is Truly One of a Kind

If you’ve been looking for a job in promotional products lately, it’s time you hear about PromoPlacement. They’ve been shaking things up! Pioneering a new way to find your dream gig in the industry you love and trust.

Finding a job in the promotional products industry has typically been a long and lonely road!

Whether you’re a supplier, a distributor, or anyone in between there has never been a single place to turn to help you navigate the job market. The job boards and other staffing firms don’t recognize us as our own industry. Instead, they clump us together with Marketing and Advertising making it virtually impossible to sift through all the candidates and companies that just aren’t promo!


Enter PromoPlacement: The first and only recruiting firm dedicated exclusively to the promotional products industry. Imagine having a team to help you navigate those unchartered waters that already knows ALL the in’s out of the industry? Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or trying to fill a position, PromoPlacement can help. Let’s find out how.


How did PromoPlacement start?

Two veteran promotional products professionals founded PromoPlacement in 2014 in Saint Louis, Missouri. They saw a need for a recruiting firm that understood the industry’s unique challenges and set out to change the business. With over 40 years of experience between them, they had the knowledge and connections to help candidates navigate the industry in a way that had never been executed. It’s a prerequisite for all their staff to have strong roots in the industry as well. You can trust they have the knowledge to understand the hurdles on both the job seeker and employer side.


How does PromoPlacement help job seekers?

For job seekers, PromoPlacement is different from other recruiting firms because they focus on more than just your resume. They consult with you personally to better understand your competencies and skills and home in the aspects of the industry that best fits your expertise. They also help you create a compensation plan that meets your needs. This personalized approach ensures that you find the right fit for your next role.


How does PromoPlacement help employers? 

For those hiring, our management team has the high-level experience and boasts over 75 years of hiring specifically in promotional products. We consult with your hiring team on interview strategies, competency benchmarks, and compensation ranges to make sure we find the best candidate to fit your expectations. We guide you through a process that will get the right hire onto your team.


What sets PromoPlacement apart as a Recruiting Firm?

You can clearly see what sets PromoPlacement apart from other firms, is its focus on the fundamentals of the promotional products industry. They’ve seen this industry grow and change over the decades. Product categories, trends, and technologies come and go. However, the foundation of the industry has stayed the same. Relationships, creativity, and taking care of the client will never go out of style.


So whether you’re searching for talent to fill your open roles, or need a career change, get in touch with PromoPlacement. Their experts can help you find the perfect candidate for the job. And if you’re looking for a new opportunity, they can help you find it.

PromoPlacement is not your father’s recruiting firm. They’re changing the game and making it easier for everyone to find their dream job.


Recruiting talent? Let us help!

PromoPlacement is here for you! Our recruiters place professionals with top promotional products companies across the country. Make the hiring process simple!  Meet with one of our PromoPros today!


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