It’s always gratifying when our team is able to help an industry professional advance their career and improve their life. This was our vision when we started PromoPlacement and it’s the basis for everything we do.

iClick was embarking on a new venture by adding Regional Sales Managers for our respective territories. I reached out to Kevin McHargue at PromoPlacement for some advice and help with recruitment. Almost immediately we received resumes from industry experienced sales candidates. We ended up hiring two for our East and South territories who have proved so far that the selection process worked very well. I was very impressed by the vetting process and the technology they used for us to preview and select proper candidates for the interview process. I would not hesitate to use PromoPlacement, and Kevin and Patrick’s assistance the next time we are looking for well qualified candidates for iClick.

Reggie Gonzalez – Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“I connected with PromoPlacement after a company that I worked for and loved closed its doors. I knew I loved my job and wanted to stay in the industry. With only a couple years experience under my belt, I decided to reach out to PromoPlacement and ask for their help. Patrick was wonderful with listening to my needs, wants, concerns and goals. I had come from a wonderful culture and wanted to be able to be a part of a team that also instilled a strong culture and camaraderie with their team.

The PromoPlacement team was efficient, organized acted swiftly and were in constant communication.

The company that I ended up being placed with was a PERFECT fit. I don’t regret for one minute making the decision to join this team and am so excited about what my career and future holds. Thank you, Patrick, for being so intuitive and finding the perfect ‘home’ for me!”

Nicki Witek – Branding Consultant

“If you find yourself in an unfulfilling position and in need of a career change, you may want to start a conversation with PromoPlacement. Fortunately for me, I was put in contact with PromoPlacement to explore options that fit both potential employers and my background. As a result, I was able to join a team of like minded professionals, and get my attitude and career back on track.

I believe because of PromoPlacement, I now look forward to getting up every day and can’t wait to get to work at a great job with an awesome company.”

Mark Reedy – Sales Manager

“I just want to follow up and say thank you for such quick results and setting up the appointment with my supplier company. You prepared me well and found a win win opportunity for me and stopped my 10 month long search. Our industry is long overdue for an expert that understands who the players are.

Much success to you and your team!”

Cynthia Troiani – Regional Sales Manager

“I want to take the time to thank PromoPlacement for helping me with my job search and placing me with a great company.

I was surprised in late August to find out that I as well as 5 others with my past company had been laid off from our jobs.

I jumped into action and started networking to find a new position rather than what most people do sitting at home on the computer searching online and answering postings from job sites.  I learned a long time ago that you will sit there all day filling out application after application.  Most of the time you don’t even know where you are applying.  Next comes proficiency tests, aptitude and personality tests still not knowing where you are applying.

I initially called on some companies on my own and started reaching out to friends.  One of my friends suggested PromoPlacement and within a few weeks I was able to find the position I was looking for to further my career.

The team at PromoPlacement was very thorough and patient working with the distributorship and myself to find an agreed upon compensation plan.  After one phone interview and one face to face interview my new career has begun in the industry I want to work.

Thank you again I will refer others looking to be or stay in the promotional industry to you so that you can help them as well.”

Kimberlie Reed – Promotional Consultant

When something fits it just fits. And that is how I feel about Promo Placement connecting me to my newest employer.  Patrick found me and advised I would be a perfect candidate for an open position. What I didn’t expect is that the company would be perfect for me.  Thank you for helping me find a new home with my new employer.

Mary Beach – Regional Sales Manager